About us

uThermometer is a US based company.

We found traditional thermometers to be too slow for rapid and convenient temperature checks as well unsafe. How would we fix this issue? How would we develop a quick and safe way to check temperatures?

Thats when our signature uThermometer™ was used. We immediately saw a high demand after release from buyers across the world, and after Covid-19 we saw demands higher than we could meet. 

We have always cared for everybody's health and will continue trying to do our part in making the world a safer place. 

To date we have delivered 842 orders!

If you are a company or medical facility looking to purchase uThermometers in bulk please email us at info@uthermometer.com so we can prepare your order and give you a 30% bulk order discount (this applies to orders of 5 and up). 

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